FEATURES Accuracy: ± 0.025% R.O. Self powered Excellent long term stability (4 ~ 20mA, 500Ω) High impulse & surge protection (5KV)

S3-FD transducer to measure power frequency and provide a DC output directly proportional to the change of input within the specified span.

The input signal is shaped to square wave by the wave shapers circuit. The duty cycle of the square wave is change with the frequency of the input signal.

Then the square wave is fed into an integrated circuit and the produced DC output is proportional to the input frequency.

Placed on the rail type with DIN.

Designed according to the dimensions of the German Standards Association DIN 46277.


Accuracy: ±0.025% Rated of Output

Output load effect: ≦0.025%R.O.

Magnetic field strength: ≦0.025% RO. 400A/M



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