S6-300 Multifunctional Power Meter


FEATURES User-friendly Cost effective Direct access to the measured display Measurement in 1P/3P3W/3P4W systems


Measurement of current, voltage, active,reactive and apparent power, power factor,line frequency, energy, harmonic and MD.

High-brightness LED display

Extreme accuracy up to 0.25%

Programmable adjustment for current and

voltage transformers ratio

With RS485 or RS 232 output

Neutral current can be indicated.

Dual relay contacts for energy or alarm output.

Dual current loop output (option).

Setting protected by password.

Memory of all setting value and energy data over ten years.

Memory of the Max. And Min. Value (V. A. W).

Outside dimension compatible for DIN Standard

144 X 144mm



Interface        RS485 (standard), or RS232 (option)

Protocol           MODBUS, RTU framing

Baud rate          1200 ~ 38400 programmable

Address range      1 ~255 programmable

Data format        N.8.1/N.8.2/O.8.1/E.8.1 pro.

Number of meter   Up to 32 on standard Rs485




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