DTNVE 1/24/0,5


FEATURES Rated load current:IL0,5 A Nominal voltage :UN 24 V Lightning impulse current (10/350):Iimp5 kA Response time tA< 30 ns

DTNVE 0,5 is a complex range of surge protection devices designed for protection of data,

communication, measuring and control lines against surge effects.

These surge protection devices are recommended for use in the Lightning

Protection Zones Concept at the boundaries of LPZ 0A(B) – 1 according to EN 62305.

All types provide effective protection of connected equipment against

common mode and differential mode surge effects according to IEC 61643-21.

The rated load current of individual protected lines IL < 0,5A.

These devices consist of gas discharge tubes, series impedance and transils.

The number of protected pairs is optional (1-2).

These devices are produced for nominal voltage within the range of 6V-115V.

Maximum discharge current is 10kA (8/20).




Number of protected pairs :1

Nominal voltage :UN 24 V

Rated load current :IL0,5 A

D1 Lightning impulse current (10/350) : Iimp 5 kA

DTNVE 1/6/0,5 :2,5 kA

C2 Max. discharge current (8/20) :Imax        10 kA

C2 Nominal discharge current ln (8/20)       In :1 kA

C2 Voltage protection level at In : UP 15 V

C3 Voltage protection level at 1 kV/µS : UP 9 V

Response time       tA< 30 ns


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