P-K16/24 DC


FEATURES Nominal voltage :Un24 V Rated load current:IL16 A Response time tA< 25 ns (L+/L-) < 100 ns (L/PE) Back-up fuse :16 A LPZ 2-3

P-K16/24 DC

Series of the arresters P-k16*DC is designed for protection of electronic

appliances in L.V. power supply DC systems against the impulse surge effects.

They are constructed for mounting on DIN rail 36mm for rated load

currents 16A according to IEC 61643-11, EN 61643-11 and EN 62305 standards (arrester class III – 3rd stage protection).

Right function of the in-built protective elements, MOV varistors,

is signalized by green light on the front panel of the equipment.




Network type :DC

Nominal voltage :Un      24 V =

Rated load current :IL16 A

Open circuit voltage :Uoc      2 kV (L/N,L/PE)

Response time       tA< 25 ns (L+/L-) < 100 ns (L/PE)

Back-up fuse :16 A LPZ 2-3

Failure signalisation (S) light on - ok / light off -failure



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