ECHO 200 Series Ultrasonic sensor sends


FEATURES Linearity :0.2 % Power : DC 24V Sensor :PP ( PVDF Option )


ORION ECHO Ultrasonic Level Probe is used for continuous level and/or volume measurement of liquid and solid matters in open/closed tanks with no contact.

Ultrasonic sensor sends high-frequency (100 Khz) short ultrasonic sound signal through piezoelectric transducer. Some part of the ultrasonic sound wave that reflects upon hitting on the measurement surface is detected by transducer, whereby the distance of objects is determined depending on the velocity of signal in the air.

• Water refining and process technology: Water, waste water, etc.

• Food industry: Beverages, milk and dairy

products, etc.

• Chemical and pharmaceutical industry: Oil,

gasoline, diesel, etc. (fitted with PVDF sensor)

• Distance and motion control: Woodworking,

mechanical engineering.




Power : DC 24V +- %30 / 1 W max

Acoustic Window :PP ( PVDF Option )

Sensor :PP ( PVDF Option )

Protection Class:IP68 IEC60529

Linearity :0.2 %

Max. Measurement:

ECH201-24DC - 1 m

ECH202-24DC - 2 m

ECH203-24DC - 3 m

ECH204-24DC - 4 m

Min. Measurement :

ECH201-24DC - 10 cm

ECH202-24DC - 15 cm

ECH203-24DC - 15 cm

ECH204-24DC - 20 cm


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