ECHO 306, 312, 318, 324 Series Ultrasonic level sensors


FEATURES Linearity %0.2 Max Measuring Distance 6m ( Liquid surface ) Min Measurement Distance 0,2m


Ultrasonic level sensors are used for non-contact level sensing of highly viscous liquids, as well as bulk solids. They are also widely used in water treatment applications for pump control and open channel flow measurement. The sensors emit high

frequency (30 kHz to 75 kHz) acoustic waves that are reflected back and detected by the emitting transducer.

Ultrasonic level sensors are also affected by the changing speed of sound due to moisture, temperature and pressures.

Correction factors can be applied to improve the accuracy of measurement.


• The transmitter is powered with 24 VDC; features a 4-20 mA output, RS485 Modbus serial port for PLC, or for monitoring

• The transmitter ECH-0300 series includes a range of fail-safe features. Signal loss, power supply failure, level alarm can be activated with an adjustable time delay.

• Easy and fast commissioning is guaranteed with the “Simulation” functions. Different tank shapes (cylindrical, cubic, spherical) can be easily programmed via fixed default shapes .

• The measured value can be shown as level, distance (in cm, m, inch or feet), or direct as volume (litter, m3, Imp. Gal, U.S. Gal).

• Waste engineering, water treatment and process technology.

• Food industry.

• Chemical and pharmaceutical industry.


Linearity : %0.2

Power : 24V DC +- %30 / 4 W max

Serial port : RS485/232 MODBUS RTU up to 38400 Bps

Process out : 4-20mA optically isolated (2kv) 14bit

Sensor acoustic window : Glass reinforced epoxy / PVDF option

Sensor housing : Delrin® POM-C EN 10204 / PVDF option

Max Measuring Distance : 6m ( Liquid surface )

Min Measurement Distance : 0,2m



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