ZPU.DIF.BP Pressure Switch


FEATURES Ranges: 50mmCA~20 Bar Accuracy: 1% F.E. Protection: IP-66

The ZPU.DIF.BP Pressure Switch was developed to meet low pressure reliability.

Supplied with wetted parts completely in AISI 304

 stainless steel, it operates on 80% of industrial fluids.

Its main attributes are: to measure differential pressure, low cost and its all steel construction stainless steel AISI 304.

It has adjustable differential.




Accuracy: 1% F.E. (repeatability, hysteresis, linearity)

Ranges: 50mmCA~20 Bar

Protection: IP-66

Lifespan: 500 million cycles

Operating temperature: 200 ° C max

Micro-Switch - Adjustable Differential

10 AMPS - 87 to 250 Vac - ¼ HP

½ AMPS - 1 to 125 Vdc

¼ AMPS - 1 to 250 Vdc


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