ZPU Pressure switch


FEATURES Accuracy: 1% F.E. (repeatability, hysteresis, linearity) Tracks: from vacuum to 1000 bar

Using "Bourdon" technology, which consists of a "C" or is characterized by high reliability, durability and high performance in processes - hydraulic, pneumatic , corrosive fluids, gases and liquids, constructed entirely of stainless steel, sensor, enclosure and parts in contact with fluid, the ZPU ensures exceptional performance in chemically aggressive and hostile environments.

Wide range : Vacuum - 1 BAR / Vacuum

0-2 / 0-4 / 0-10 / 0-15 / 0-20 / 0-40 / 0-100 / 0-150 / 0-250 / 0-350 / 0-500 / 0-700 and 0- 1000 BAR and can be selected according to the need of the process.

Remembering that these depend on the "spring" as sensor, the tube "Bourdon" is extremely superior in all respects, a convenient adjustment of the pressure differential between 30% of the range guarantees the wide application in the industrial environment.




Accuracy: 1% F.E. (repeatability, hysteresis, linearity)

Lifespan: 500 million cycles

Housing: Total stainless steel AISI 304

Protection: IP-66 (powerful water jets)

Sensor: Bourdon technology

Tracks: from vacuum to 1000 bar

Differential: Adjustable by 35% of range

Electrical connection: DIN 43650 connector

(optional ½ "NPT-F)

Analog scale (pointer) for indication of the

Point of Action



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