PA310 Clip-on CT Power Meter


Clip-on CT Power Meter is designed for electric power monitoring and load recording for single or three phase systems. It can be directly used in low voltage systems due to its wide range measurement (up to 60A). PA310 can also maintain better than 1% accuracy even under low current condition (< 5A), thus it still can be used in middle to high voltage system. The unique features of PA310 including:clip-on CT, bi-directional measurement, long time load recording, and standard communication.

Clip-on CT Power Meter with easily wiring especially for on-line installation

Wide measurement range10(60)A, max to 1000A suitable for low voltage system

Wh accuracy better than 0.5%(pf=1)

Up to 10000 load profile records with configurable recording period

RS485 communication support Modbus protocol


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