AD1100F SeriesDIN Rail Mounting Power Supply


Designed for industrial applications. With the rugged and thoughtful fixed design, you can mount the Power Supply on TS35 DIN rail, wall, or any surface. Designing for the size and wiring distribution of the power chassis, it saves a lot of space and be more convenient to make wiring distribution. This product is suitable for automatic control systems, factory automation, industrial control, instrumentation equipment, electromagnetic actuators and other DC motor load and according to the latest requirements and standards designed.


Innovative design of industrial-grade power supply rail 

Natural convection air cooling 
High voltage protection 
Current overload protection 
Short circuit protection 
Din rail / retainer lock with fixed protection 
Selective warning signals (dry contact) / redundancy 
High power density 
High reliability 
Small size, high efficiency, low cost 
Comply with RoHS / UL / CE Standard 
3-year quality warranty 
Operating Environment 
Operating temperature: -40 to 50 degrees 
Operating humidity: non-condensing 5% to 95% relative humidity 



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