EL03D Digital Earth Leakage relay


The EL 03D and EL 30D is a digital earth leakage relay for DIN rail mounting. The advanced design meets IEC60755 Type-A & AC operation to accurately deduce the leakage current level in network with high harmonics loads content. It provides real-time communication via Modbus-RTU protocol to Building Monitoring System / Energy Management System network and 2-Contacts Output to support traditional management system.

Key features
• Earth Leakage Current protection.
• Model available in 2 setting range.
• IEC 60755 Type-A and AC performance.
• Microprocessor controlled DTL operation.
• Backlit high contrast LCD display.
• Modbus-RTU RS485.
• 4 Trip Event Records with Date and Time Stamping.
• Configurable Pre-Fault Alarm Output.
• Optional Remote Reset Input.
• Sealable tamper proof front cover.


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