REA200n Protection Relay


About MTB Fault Indication System MTB, or Mechanical Trip Button is a fault indication system incorporated in advanced protection relaying for electrical power networks. The MTB does not require auxiliary supply to provide a fault indication. The MTB is designed to prevent power circuits from re-energising before a fault is completely rectified. This is an essential safety feature which protection relays using electrical latching mechanisms are not able to provide .




-OLEO display for superior readability
-Redesigned menu navigation for intuitive operation
-Dual source 85-265V AC/DC for auxiliary supply Streamlined 46mm depth with bezel cover
-Added security against nuisance trip handling
-Manual test button for relay operation checking
-No requirement for auxiliary power supply for fault indication Safeguard against automatic reset before fault rectification Curve selection in accordance with ANSI, IAC, IEC, 1.3/10

  • Normally Inverse
  • (NI)- Normally Inverse
  • (NI)- Very Inverse
  • (VI)- Extremely Inverse
  • (El)- Short time Inverse
  • (STI)- Moderate Inverse (Ml)
  • Trip value recording (4-memory)
    -Integrated surge arrester against transient overvoltages
    -High set mode is incorporate for instantaneous protection Tamper-proof design for settings protection
    -Serial interface RS485 for Modbus RTU communication (Optional)
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