FEATURES 4 digits LED display: 9999 Accuracy : ±0.05% to ±0.25% Measuring adjustment in input sensing deviation

The panel type 4 digit setting meter can modify the display value through the built in button, input through DC/AC, TRMS, PT 100, K TYPE signals, and can provide the sensor power supply at the same time and with customized output for choose.

Designed according to the dimensions of the German Standards Association DIN (96x48mm)

Can be designed and manufactured to customer specifications.( For customized products.)


Display: 14.2mm (0.56") H, red LED

Accuracy: DC range ≦±0.05% F.S. ±2 digit

        AC range ≦±0.15% F.S. ±2 digit

Sampling time : Abt. 0.8 sec. typically

Aux. power source: AC/DC 85~265V  DC 20~60V

Sensor power supply (Option function):

                DC 24V or 30mA


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