FEATURES Accuracy: ± 0.2% R.O. Excellent long term stability (4 ~ 20mA, 500Ω) High impulse & surge protection (5KV)

S3-AD current converter, can be used in one-way or three-system, the input signal is output as a single-stage amplifier, such as input signal is non-sinusoidal (up to 30% of 3rd harmonic content), optional TRMS Using the rms value of the input signal, the effective value is calculated, and then the output converted to the equal ratio is amplified.

Precision measurement even for distorted wave(TRMS)

Placed on the rail type with DIN.

Designed according to the dimensions of the German Standards Association DIN 46277.



Accuracy: ±0.2% Rated of Output

Power consumption: AC ≦ 2.5 VA, DC ≦ 3W

Power effect: ≦0.1% R.O.

Waveform effect: ≦0.2% R.O. at distortion factor 30%


Aux. power source:

AC 110V ±15%,50/60HZ

AC 220V ±15%,50/60HZ

DC24V, 48V, 110V, ±10%



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