FEATURES Accuracy: ± 0.2% R.O. Measuring reverse watt is available Precision measurement even for unbalance system And distorted wave. High impulse & surge protection (5KV)

The S3-WD Watt/Var Converter is suitable for a variety of single phase three phase systems, even on unbalanced systems.

The perfect "time division multipliction" method is used to measure the instantaneous power of various input waveforms.

Through the measured voltage and current signals, through the processing of the oscillator and the modulator, and then integrated, the amplifier generates a signal, and the power is proportional to the output.

Placed on the rail type with DIN.

Designed according to the dimensions of the German Standards Association DIN 46277.



Accuracy: ±0.25% Rated of Output

Input burden:

≦0.1VA (ampere input)

≦0.2VA (voltage input)

Power consumption: AC ≦9VA, DC ≦ 7W

Power effect: ≦0.2% R.O. at distortion factor 15%

Aux. power source:

AC 110V ±15%, 50/60HZ

AC 220V ±15%, 50/60HZ

DC 24V, 48V, 110V, ±10%


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